Mark O’Brien

Chief Executive Officer

My Unique Ability is focused around seeing a better future for ourselves and our clients, being willing to take the necessary risks to pursue that vision, and motivating people to do the same.

For my internal client — Newfangled — that includes working with the team to constantly assess our position in the marketplace, making the easy or harrowing decisions to ensure we’re constantly in a position to create the most possible value for our clients, and building awareness, consensus, and inspiration internally to do the easy or Herculean work to achieve that vision.

For my external client — you — that involves getting to know you, why you are where you are today and what you do and don’t like about that. Then, it’s about the future — is there a better possible future for you and your firm and, if so, are we the right people to help you get there?

I can’t promise we can help you, but I can promise that we’ll have an interesting, enjoyable, and objectively valuable conversation. I’ll also be honest with you about whether we can help, and if we can’t, chances are good we know exactly who can.

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