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Getting the flywheel of your marketing system turning takes time. With content marketing, it takes time for Google to trust you as an expert. With email marketing, it takes time for your recipients to look forward to seeing you in their inbox. These two longer term, earned approaches are critical to a thriving marketing program. Without them, success at any level is highly unlikely. 

However, if you are consistently publishing content that your top prospects love, and you are using email to nurture your prospects through the stages of the buying cycle, you can take full advantage of everything paid media has to offer. 

We work with you to discover the sweet spot between your focused market position, content focus, and search volume. The careful needle-threading we do here allows us to tactfully drive your best prospects to your best thought in the shortest amount of time. 

Tom O'Rourke
We went from $150,000 a month in deals created to $600,000 in the first month of launching our paid media campaign with Newfangled. I have never felt more confident in a partner to help us grow our business.
Tom O’Rourke
O’Rourke Hospitality Marketing
Nick D'Benedetto
The client we just landed thanks to our paid media, content marketing, and enhanced website has paid for our entire digital marketing program with Newfangled!
Nick D’Benedetto
Resource Manager, 
RedFlash Group
Evan Shoemaker
Imagine being given a battle-tested playbook that’s proven to convert. We’ve seen immediate results since implementing it and couldn’t be happier!
Evan Shoemaker
Founder + CEO, 
Marie-Josée Legault
As a new business person, this system has changed my entire dynamic in my conversations with prospects. I go in there feeling a lot more confident, and that is worth its weight in gold.
Marie-Josée Legault
Lynda Decker
On our own, marketing was always de-prioritized. Newfangled has put us on a system, and their insight and creativity have been a force multiplier. I can’t say enough about the quality and professionalism, and they are great people to spend time with.
Lynda Decker
Decker Design

While you’re creating and publishing exceptional content on a monthly basis and, slowly but surely, earning Google’s trust (and the spike in highly targeted traffic which accompanies that trust), we can help you use paid media to rapidly drive significant results in the form of conversions across all three stages of the buy cycle, from researcher to purchaser. 

What’s more, the data generated by the paid media effort allows us to rapidly understand exactly what topics your key prospects are most interested in. These learnings accelerate the refinement of your entire marketing strategy. 

Without content marketing, email, and the right website, paid media is a waste of time and resources. It can’t stand on its own and offer any real return on your investment. But, if you have invested in those three areas, paid media is the best way to increase demand for them.