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Simplified Growth Executive Coaching

You love your company. And while you’re incredibly proud of what you’ve built, you’re ready to take it to the next level. You have the vision and desire for growth. But that growth is elusive. 

From your org chart to your business objectives, there are obstacles in your way that you don’t know how to navigate (or possibly even identify to begin with). We know what those roadblocks are — as well as the 1,000 other pitfalls standing between where you are today and where you want to be in five years. And we know how to carve a path that guides you safely through those challenges to the healthy, flourishing business you know you’re capable of leading.   

This isn’t your typical executive coaching program. Simplified Growth is a comprehensive, human-focused, goal-setting system that focuses on smart, intentional leadership and sustainable, highly profitable growth. Over the course of our year-long program, we’ll provide the guidance and tools you need to evolve your team, your company, and yourself. We’ll help you refine your leadership approach to set and accomplish the right goals for your firm’s aggressive growth. Along the way, we’ll make sure you have the foundational tools necessary to thrive as an organization — as well as an internal team that is not only well-equipped for the ride, but thrilled to be on it. 

This will be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done in your professional life. Ultimately, though, it’ll be incredibly rewarding. With Simplified Growth, you have the opportunity to more fully embody your organization’s unique abilities — and radically transform the way you run your business. 

How it Works

Our Simplified Growth curriculum is highly customizable based on your needs. However, each engagement typically includes:

  • An assessment of your leadership team and/or leadership team candidates 
  • Robust training on the foundational tools you’ll use to create and run a healthy leadership team
  • Executive workshops to create alignment around your values, positioning, and the deeper “why” that drives your business
  • Organizational goal-setting at 3- and 1-year intervals 
  • Ongoing coaching as you implement the program