Lauren O’Brien

Chief Strategy Officer

As Newfangled’s Chief Strategy Officer, I split my time between visioning for Newfangled’s future and operationalizing that vision throughout our business. I work with the rest of our leadership team to identify opportunities that will help us best serve our clients and grow Newfangled, and then I support our directors in integrating those opportunities cohesively into the daily operations of the business. 

Today, my focus is on the business as a whole. My background, though, is in content marketing. I built up that division of Newfangled, and I continue to work with each client on the initial development of their target personas and messaging strategy.

I love work. A lot. But I love time with my family even more. I’m lucky to live in Chapel Hill with my husband, three incredible stepchildren, and two dogs. I’m happiest when we’re all together, spending time on wooded walks, cooking a big meal, or traveling to a new place.

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