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Marketing That Starts With Sales Leads To Sales

Marketing your firm is hard to do. It’s not what you do for a living, but it is what you need to do if you want to keep making one. A serious problem that affects the health of many agency’s marketing programs is that it is done in a vacuum. Agencies can sometimes get so focused on the chore of marketing that they forget why they are doing it, and what they expect to get from it.

The best way to ensure that you don’t fall into this common trap is to never lose sight of the goal of marketing — to generate highly qualified leads for your firm. The best way to stay true to this goal is to always be aware of and consider the current sales reality of your firm. Who is your right-fit prospect today? Why? What are they primarily concerned about? How can you help?

The more you exercise your freedom to think deeply about what types of clients you should be working with, and what their attributes are, the more effective your marketing will be in doing its job of constantly delivering right-fit opportunities that will allow your firm to be constantly evolving and doing better, more interesting, and more profitable work for clients who are more appreciative.

In this white paper, Chris Butler, Lindsey Barlow, Lauren Siler, and Chris Creech will walk you through how to make the most of your marketing by considering the sales reality as you craft your strategy and technology around your website, automation system, CRM, and content strategy.

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Christopher Butler
Christopher Butler
Chief Operating Officer

Your marketing’s first job is to create awareness — to make clear to your audience that you are out there, doing that thing you do best. So, no matter what form your marketing takes, whether it’s the first page a prospect sees on your website or an email they receive from you, your positioning — what you do and whom you serve best — needs to be clear. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? It certainly could be, but it’s been my experience that crafting th