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A Predictable Struggle: Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing is possible for any firm. In fact, it’s well within reach.

But it isn’t done overnight. We believe that the systems and practices necessary to creating the right opportunity for your firm take significant investments of time and energy from many people. And once those systems have been created, they must be used — committed to — for some time before they will deliver what is expected of them.

And yet, that expectation is powerful. So much so that we routinely see it overly intimidate the very people who are ready and capable of transforming their marketing and enjoying its fruits.

In this white paper, four category experts from Newfangled have come together to identify the main issues across four operating components of the digital marketing ecosystem — Content Strategy, Marketing Automation, CRM and the website — that contribute to expectations going unmet. We call this the predictable struggle. They are the holes we routinely see coming a mile away, and which you can fill if you read on.

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Content Strategy

Lauren Siler
Lauren Siler
Director of Marketing

Isn’t it incredible how much of your digital marketing strategy today is reliant upon a successful content marketing strategy? Our field has become absolutely saturated with technology to help make us smarter communicators by providing greater insight into marketing ROI, but our marketing success is nearly entirely dependent upon the fuel we feed the machine. You could have the best marketing automation software on the market, the strongest social media publication tool, a fully integrated CRM, and a website that’s strategically designed to attract, inform, and engage your ideal prospect, and without the right content marketing strategy, you’re g