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Agency Spotlight: How Mission Adapted To Digital Insights For A Highly Optimized Digital Plan

Failure is not a word we like to hear professionally or personally. But the beauty of digital marketing is that it allows us to fail fast. It gives us the opportunity to try a different or risky strategy and learn its results quickly, developing valuable insights that helps continuously improve our digital strategy.

When we work with agencies that are open to trying new strategies, they end up with a highly optimized system that pivots with ease, allowing their lead development system to weather changes and continue to produce great leads. Today, we’re sharing the story of one such nimble agency who isn’t afraid to use trend analysis to understand how well their messaging is performing and then adjust their strategy accordingly.

Before we get to the numbers, let’s learn a bit about them. Mission is a design firm based in Oslo, Norway. They work with Norwegian and Scandinavian brands to develop a unified strength around brand purpose. We’ve been working with Mission for approximately two years, but their content plan has only been in place for eight months. In this spotlight, we’ll look at how fine-tuning their plan and modifying their website design to accommodate for this plan, has created impressive lead development.


Content Strategy

Mission came to us with clearly defined goals: they wanted to improve their digital presence by increasing traffic from Norway and US and sharing their thought leadership. The easy part was that Mission already had a team of incredibly talented thought leaders who contributed to a content plan. But we needed to bridge the gap between their expertise and what their key audiences were looking for online.

We took Mission through a thorough persona development process, during which we identified their interests, challenges, and buy cycle stages, and discovered how these all aligned with Mission’s core areas of expertise. This became the foundation of our messaging strategy. A few months into the program, Mission adjusted its key service offerings and we adapted their messaging strategy accordingly.

By regularly sustaining the production of 3K words of indexable content, providing their site visitors with gated content, and promoting the content via email and social media, Mission increased the number of unique sessions by 87.85%. Their 
conversion rate grew to 4.6%. Their organic search traffic increased 50%. They saw a 81.66% increase in traffic from the US and a 34% increase in traffic from Norway.

In addition to these growth numbers, Mission continues to acknowledge that investing heavily in content marketing has deepened their own understanding and internal dissemination of their expertise. Mission listed the benefits of a content marketing plan in a recent blog post:

  1. Better understanding and awareness amongst team members as to what the company actually delivers (and it’s usually a lot more than you think).
  2. Written documentation of your expertise. (This is especially important in times of staff turnover and fear of competence drain).
  3. Collaborative editorial work is great fun and improves dynamics among our entire content team.
  4. Writing content means you need to stay alert and always find ways to make your services relevant for your target audience.

Website Design

In addition to content marketing consulting, we also consulted Mission on the design of key templates on their website that could be optimized in order to drive better lead development. During this process, we advised Mission to more clearly articulate their market position throughout the website and to employ a focused progressive profiling strategy in order to better develop the lead profiles of their right-fit prospects over time.


Success Summary

In the last two years of working with us, Mission’s marketing has dramatically improved. Their monthly metrics exceed our 2017 benchmark metrics for successful digital marketing for agencies, resulting in high growth:

Organic Search Traffic: Increased 50%
Total site traffic: Increased 87.85%
Site wide number of page views: Increased 22%
Website conversion rate: Reached 4.6%

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