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2017 Benchmarks for Agency Digital Marketing

Newfangled is in the business of generating highly qualified new business opportunities for our agency clients. When an agency hires us, they are doing so because they’re ready to permanently prioritize their marketing and they believe that our approach is the most efficient way to generate and capitalize on prospect interest.

Because the nature of our work and our audience is so specific, we are in possession of a deep and focused data set. We hold ourselves to a high standard and we have close relationships with all of our clients. Each month, we review their marketing and sales data and meet with them individually to have strategic conversations around what’s working, what’s not, and why.

Annually, we do a comprehensive review of those patterns and share them in a white paper. We’re excited to share this year’s findings with you.

Because we’re watching each individual account so closely and are also constantly amassing a data set around our entire client base, we know which of our clients are reliably generating highly qualified opportunities through their digital marketing and what patterns are shared across all of the high performers. Aside from the fact that these agencies are incredibly successful marketers, they share very little in common. To date, we have found no patterns in terms of headcount, location, or area of focus that determine marketing success. The stats listed in this report are the primary determinants, and agencies of any size, location, or specialty can have extraordinary results if they are properly hitting these metrics.

This report is structured around our Agency Marketing Model, which comprises the six key elements that are critical to a successful digital marketing program: positioning, contact strategy, content strategy, website, CRM, and marketing automation. In this white paper, you’ll hear from three category experts inside of Newfangled about the necessary benchmarks for success in each element of the Agency Marketing Model.

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Positioning and Contact Strategy

Lauren Siler
Lauren Siler
Director of Marketing

The agencies generating the most qualified opportunity through their digital marketing programs have many things in common, which you’ll read about throughout this white paper. But one of the most critical is this: their positioning is bullet proof.

This not only has to do with the agency’s chosen market niche. It’s also got a lot to do with their articulation of it. It’s probably no surprise to you that generalist firms aren’t as successful as specialized firms. Well positioned firms develop deeper expertise, command higher fees for delivering on that expertise, and are better equipped to create a potent marketing engi