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Show Me the Data!

If I had to identify one of the biggest themes from the past year at Newfangled, one of them would definitely be measurement. In fact, ever since we started a serious resourcing effort back in 2007, we’ve been learning just how valuable data is to us in general. Having access to real data is necessary to evaluating just about anything–whether it’s the performance of a newlsetter campaign, the pages of your website, or even the people at your firm. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to answer the questions that really matter:

“What is this worth?” “Is this working?” “What should we change?”

Ok, so you should be pretty psyched about data. If you’re not yet, I’ve done you a favor and gathered together nine posts from the past year that are all about data. Don’t worry, they’re not terribly technical, and each includes a helpful visualization that is created to help communicate the key point concluded from the data collected. Go nuts!

The list below is ordered from newest to oldest.

3 Years of Sales Data

2 Years of Communication Data

3 Years of Blogging Data

6 Months of Referral Data

6 Months of Campaign Data

Top 3 Analytics Metrics

Impact of Specific Referrals

2 Years of Newsletter Data

1 Week’s Email Data

1 Year of Campaign Tracking Data

1 Month of CTA Data

1 Day of Timesheet Data

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