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Success in Lead Generation Amidst a Pandemic

Si Robins, senior account manager at web development firm Four Kitchens, had no idea that they were ahead of the Covid curve when they began working with Newfangled in November of 2019. It was then that the Four Kitchens team made the decision to pivot from mostly event-focused marketing to more intentional content-driven marketing for 2020.

Four Kitchens worked hard with Newfangled to launch their updated website and content strategy in March of 2020, coincidentally the same month that the pandemic hit our nation in full force. When other businesses were scrambling to make changes and adjust their strategies, Four Kitchens was ready to confront 2020 head-on.

“[The website] has been the single biggest change for us just from a brand perspective in the marketplace. It has really really elevated us to a place where we never were prior to working with Newfangled.”

“We’re at a point where we are turning away work that we hate to turn away, but we’re at a place where we’ve got to prioritize what we want to take on going into 2021.”

Si Robins, Four Kitchens

In this episode, Si walks us through their strategic marketing shifts before and during the year of Covid-19 and why working with Newfangled has led to a year of success in what could have been a very catastrophic year.