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Designing Better Lead Development

Creating new opportunity is a true art; it comprises many different ideas, skills, and tools. But for most people, one thing tends to stand out as the primary driver of new opportunity. For some, it’s the marketing automation engine. For others, it’s the CRM. Both are right, and both are wrong. The state of the art is in how design synthesizes every single aspect of lead development — from the underlying strategy to the litany of details that make up its tactical precision.

And yet, lead development falls within an ever widening blind spot of designers, and design within an equally large blind spot of marketers. We believe that the future for both relies upon a better understanding of the other.

We’ve thought a lot about how design plays a role in creating new opportunity and have created many resources to both help designers understand the marketing and sales reality of their organizations, and marketing and sales teams better understand how reliant they are upon good design. If you’d like to learn more about how to design better lead development, here are a few places to start:

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