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Key Trends Shared by Firms with World-Class Business Development Programs in 2018

What’s the point of marketing?

To generate the best possible new prospects for your firm, so that your newest client is always of a better fit and higher caliber than the one you just resigned.

As a digital marketing consultancy, we take this discipline very seriously, and are constantly reviewing what it takes to make your marketing meet this vision.

The best way we know how to do that is to look at the firms who are succeeding, and see what the patterns are. At Newfangled, we enjoy starting each year with an update on these key patterns we see across the high performers, and sharing them with you. This year, in addition to those numbers, we dig deep into the psychographic trends that are playing at least as important a role as the numbers are.

This white paper is written specifically to the firm who is succeeding at their marketing. Whether you are one of those, or would just like to be one, there will hopefully be lots of great information in here for you.

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I’m really grateful for my job. Do you know what I get to do for work? I get to travel the continent, constantly, in order to spend time with you.

You’re the owner of an entrepreneurial firm that is defined by its expertise — that bitterly hard-won competitive edge of edges that only comes from the constant practice of making brave, smart, and disciplined choices.

I’ve flown at least a few times every month for years now to be with you, in your offices, learning your processes, and hearing what is really happening inside of your firm. You’ve been generous with your time and open with your thoughts. I’ve learned so much about you over the years that I thought it might be nice to write you a letter, here, about yourself. Because you’ve changed quite a bit. More than you realize.

In this white paper, we’re going to look at the significant steps you’ve taken, the specific results you’ve seen from your hard work, and the key stats and trends that