Maria Prince

Content Marketing Writer

Content that positions you as a thought leader, a trusted resource for your existing clients and for those fleeting Google searchers alike, can amplify your voice, make your brand known, and extend your company’s reach beyond what you might’ve thought possible. I’ve seen this happen, and, as a Content Marketing Writer, I’m thrilled to work together to elevate your content to this level. Through in-depth interviews, I’ll come to know the details of your business, including what differentiates you in your market. I’ll translate your expertise into approachable content that resonates with your prospects’ pain points and encourages them to return to you for expert advice and solutions. 

Prior to joining the Newfangled team, I worked in many facets of marketing for B2B businesses. I had my hand in a little bit of everything– marketing and proposal writing, social media management, event planning, CRM strategy, and SEO. Despite this renaissance woman-inspired background, my first passion has always been writing. I graduated from The Catholic University of America with a B.A. in Media Studies and a Rhetoric/Writing minor.

I enjoy many of the expected millennial pastimes, including drinking coffee, bingeing Netflix (yes, I’m devastated Glow won’t be renewed), and taking trendy fitness classes. Less predictable hobbies include listening to musical theater soundtracks, collecting Christmas ornaments, and, my favorite, spending time with my husband and son.