John Nugent

Content Marketing Strategist

As an entrepreneur and former business owner, I understand the “if you build it, they will come” strategy. I not only understand it, I’ve tried it. And if you’re like me, you’ve learned that this is a woefully anemic blueprint for long term success whether you’re trying to attract new customers, new clients, or increase awareness of a product. The inverse approach to the Field of Dreams strategy would be to overdo your outbound marketing and bombard your prospects with emails. The flailing inflatable tube guy outside the gas station may get your attention, but you don’t really want to hire him, do you?

The best and most effective content doesn’t beg and isn’t subtle; it educates, charms, intrigues, and inspires the reader. I have a long track record of helping clients put a stake in the ground with their expert points of view right out of the gate and setting guard rails for a successful content marketing strategy over the long run.

I come to Newfangled via the not-as-glitzy-and-glamorous-as-you-might-think world of entertainment marketing for feature films and television. Ever see a movie you thought was a comedy but was actually a really depressing contemplation on the doomed trajectory of humankind? Yeah, that was probably my fault. Sorry about that. When I’m not ruining your theater-going experience, I am playing drums too loudly, spending far too much time in the French white section of the local wine store, or cleaning up after children and pets while espousing the importance of personal responsibility. (The pets get it. The kids? Not so much).

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