Erin Curtis-Dierks

Content Marketing Strategist

Content is the nucleus of any successful digital marketing plan. Within a digital landscape that is constantly morphing, you need a content plan that provides standout material and breaks through the sea of sameness. It must also be empathetic, intentional, and always educational. Phoning it in just won’t cut it.

My role as a content strategist is to guide and advise you during this content process by shining a light on the knowledge and expertise you already possess. That’s what will truly push your business forward. We will work side by side to find your true voice and to figure out what you should say, who you should speak to, and when and how to deliver your content. I’ll help you keep the ball rolling with deliverables and execute a content strategy that will lead to engagement and conversions.

Prior to joining Newfangled, I worked in marketing and communications roles across a variety of industries, including not-for-profit, packaged goods, legal, and higher education. I received my journalism degree from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and after spending some time as a city slicker in Kansas City and Chicago, I returned to my favorite college town. When not at my home base in Lawrence with my husband and three kids, you can find me taking in lake life in Michigan. I also enjoy a good run, a strong Horsefeather (a Midwestern delight), and spinning old LPs on my record player. 

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