Ashley Robinson

Content Marketing Strategist

The right words at the right time always have power—your content, when done right, can propel your business forward. I believe every piece you create should have a purpose and express your firm’s personality and beliefs. That is how you truly connect with others and find the clients that will stay with you for the long haul. 

My job as a content marketing strategist is to help you figure out how to bring all the knowledge you carry inside you out into the world in an approachable and consistent way. I’ll keep you on track and continuously put out messages that hit the mark, build your brand, and find the right fit client. Content marketing doesn’t have to be a confusing matrix of guess and check, writer’s block, and content gaps – I’m here to make it work for you. 

Before joining Newfangled, I worked as a marketing strategist in a variety of industries, including publishing, CPG, and nonprofits. I have done a little bit of everything in marketing – social media, video creation, public relations, copywriting, and influencer marketing. I received my MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Catherine University in Minnesota.

With constant wanderlust, I have lived in several areas of the US and continue to travel the globe. Currently located in New Jersey, I love spending my free days exploring the east coast with my husband, two kids, and our two dogs. I also love writing about food and travel and baking plenty of sweet treats for friends and family. 

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