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Never Mind The Bollocks, Heres The Website!

Are you sick of it yet? I AM SICK OF IT!

Roosevelt, in his first fireside chat, made it clear that the confidence of the American people was the key factor in turning around the Depression. He was right, and that was what eventually did it.

I am ready to get beyond this, lets start paying attention to our business and stop being transfixed by the maniacal whims of our frienemies on Wall St.

Business is going to happen. Capitalism is going to happen, whether or not our government tries to control it.

We know that you, our advertising agency partners, are basically being begged (perhaps subtly) by your clients to take them to the next level on the web – to lead them – and were here to help you do it. Lets review their information architecture, lets develop a content strategy and get a vibrant, and realistic SEO campaign in place.

Read Chris Butlers blog. Read every newsletter weve written over the past year. And dont take our word for it, read what Pete Caputa is saying about how to market in tough times. Read the results of Sapients survey on what clients want form their agencies.

This doesnt have to be a disaster. Were actually doing far better than ever, and we want to help you do the same – and we can.

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