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Stop Confusing Paid Media for Ads – It’s Central to Your Marketing Strategy

Paid media. A tool that used to be considered spam should now be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. While your competitors are slow to accept this change, you can make some real headway with the right approach.

“In 26 years, we’re seeing what we’ve never seen before: people who click through an ad, go to the site, hit two, maybe three pages then fill out the contact form. And they’re a valid lead. That’s insane.”

Mark O’Brien, CEO of Newfangled

Mark & Olivia talk through the hurdles many businesses face as they begin their Paid Media journey. The smaller the budget, the easier it is to feel trapped within it. But don’t let that discourage you, just focus on being deliberate. 

“If you have a really, really small budget, maybe just pick one [channel]. Don’t try to go on Google ads and on LinkedIn and slice and dice that budget. Choose the channel that you want to go after, because not only can you put your monetary resources, but the time and energy that it takes to manage and optimize one channel over the other, just go all in on one.”

Olivia Angerosa, Director of Campaign Strategy

Join Olivia and Mark in this engaging conversation as they discuss:

  • How to get the highest ROI, no matter your Paid Media budget
  • Setting clear goals
  • Choosing the right channel and messaging
  • How to optimize your campaign
  • Common mistakes to avoid