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Segmentation Matters

Show Notes 

Consider This is a podcast designed to unpack common misconceptions about content marketing for knowledge-based firms. We’ll address commonly held assumptions about content marketing today, and present new and different ways to approach them.

In this episode, Lauren and Holly discuss the most effective segmentation strategies for digital marketing today, and how they apply to both content marketing and outbound email marketing. They’ll touch on:

  • Messaging segmentation at an evaluator buying stage, and which personas tend to be decision makers who reach the evaluator buying stage.
  • List segmentation at a marketing automation level, and defining what fields to put on forms with regard to titles.
  • When to begin segmenting after purchasing a list, and how to promote content to the appropriate segments you’ve created.
  • Creating different behavior segments based on visits to the site and interactions with the pages there, and which interactions will often indicate a warmer lead.
  • How much segmentation is too much segmentation?

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