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Balancing Educational and Promotional Content


Show Notes 
Consider This is a podcast designed to unpack common misconceptions about content marketing for knowledge-based firms. We’ll address commonly held assumptions about content marketing today, and present new and different ways to approach them.

In this episode, Lauren and Holly discuss the mentality required for firms to approach content and outbound with a lasting habitual impact. They’ll touch on:

  • The importance of generosity in content marketing and outbound, and how this builds trust with prospects
  • Researcher and Evaluator buying stages, and how each of these apply to your approach to educational content
  • The appropriate ratio of educational to promotional content, and the importance of segmenting a list when sharing promotional material
  • Marketing vs. sales strategies, and how to divvy up portions of your list into these camps
  • Speaking about your service in an empathetic manor that relates back to the pain points your prospects are experiencing

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