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The Most Common Obstacles of Expertise Marketing & the Proven Formula For Getting Started

Every firm has specific, demonstrable expertise, but conveying that expertise in your content marketing is no simple task. Oftentimes, the best way forward is to clearly understand what not to do.

“[Our Clients] have the expertise, they come in with that. What they don’t always come in with is the experience of consistently putting that on the record. So that’s where we come in.”

In this episode, Mark speaks with Newfangled Content Coach Jeremy Wingle about the three most common hurdles firms face in their content marketing journey, and how to resolve them. You will learn:

  • The importance of expressing a confident, clear point of view in your content.
  • Why you should write more about your prospect, and less about your firm.
  • How and why to focus on the prospect’s pain points from sentence one.

You’ll also be privy to Jeremy’s “3 Es Solutions” for tackling the above in a specific order.