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Biz Dev During a Pandemic: How to do Fewer Things Better

No more in-person sales meetings, no more trade shows, no more conferences & no more networking. Learning to navigate the online world of business development this year has been challenging, to say the least. On top of that, Google is taking longer than ever to reward your content investment because there’s just too much to sift through.

Learn how a product design & development company was teed up to endure an uncertain time through a holistic approach to digital marketing.

M3 Design began working on their content marketing in early 2019, giving them nearly a year with Newfangled prior to the shut down of 2020.

“I think early 2019 we started creating content. And then the pandemic hit early in the following year and what did happen when that hit was, we were just simply more discoverable, the type of people who are needing the specific expertise that our team has, was able to find us.”

Casey Branson, Director of Business Development at M3

Listen below to Mark O’Brien & Casey Branson as they discuss:

  • The power to be more selective with new business
  • Profitable unique projects that can lead to good portfolio pieces
  • Right-fit leads who understand their specific value offering and are willing to pay for it