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Demystifying Evaluator Content: Why Expert Firms Need to Embrace Their Confidence

Even if you’re great in a room when pitching your company’s products or services, translating that message into the written word is not always straightforward. It’s tricky to find that balance between sounding brazen or sounding insecure. John Nugent, Content Marketing Coach at Newfangled, describes this equilibrium as “humble confidence.”

“If ‘confidence is the foundation of all positive human attributes,’ then positioning [and being an expert] is the root of all positive marketing attributes.”

Mark O’Brien, CEO of Newfangled

Join John and Mark in this fluid conversation where you’ll learn how to find that healthy balance, along with:

  • How Newfangled defines the three stages of the buy cycle.
  • The nuances of evaluator content and why this stage is so critical for relating to prospects.

“What you need to do with Evaluator content is not sell sell sell from the first sentence. You try to reflect or represent the debate [prospects] are already having in their heads about a pain point.”

John Nugent, Content Marketing Coach at Newfangled
  • Which positioning page on Newfangled’s website brings in the most prospect feedback and why.
  • How to sell your firm without being a “salesman.”