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Are You Setting Reasonable Expectations?

Consider This is a podcast designed to unpack common misconceptions about content marketing for knowledge-based firms. We’ll address commonly held assumptions about content marketing today, and present new and different ways to approach them. In this episode, Lauren and Holly discuss how to define success of specific marketing initiatives, and how to keep up momentum as you build a culture of better marketing inside of your firm. They’ll touch on:

  • The mentality shift the marketing team goes through in building the habit of content marketing, and why this qualitative accomplishment as a crucial metric of success.
  • Ungated and gated content types, and why both are an important part of a balanced content marketing mix.
  • Building thought leadership credibility and a reputation in the market, and why this is such a valuable exercise to consider when hosting a webinar or promoting a white paper.
  • Long-term list nurture and why this strategy is vital to your overall outbound approach.

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