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The Newfangled Seminar: Building a Lead Development Ecosystem

Since starting at Newfangled in 2010, I’ve been a fairly direct witness to a lot of change. I’ve moved from a project manager, seeing clients through the website development process, to a strategist tasked with implementing marketing automation for Newfangled and our clients for the first time, to managing a team of four strategists who are consulting clients on everything from content strategy to marketing automation to CRM.

Over the course of this five-year span, I, and the rest of the Newfangled team, have learned a lot. We’ve broadened our reach beyond the website development process, while becoming even more efficient and competent at web design and development. We’ve defined what we refer to as the lead development ecosystem and now help our clients will all three pieces of that ecosystem — a content-driven website, marketing automation and CRM implementation.

And now we’re taking all of this expertise and offering it in the form of a two-day in-depth seminar that we’re hosting at the Fearrington Inn in Pittsboro, NC.

I am really excited about this conference, as it is a real representation of my work, and Newfangled’s work, over the past five years. We are at a culmination point where we have identified a template for success, and the benchmarks with which to measure that success, for our key clientele: independent marketing and advertising firms.

There are plenty of conferences and events you can attend that provide fantastic information about web design or marketing automation or Salesforce, but this event is unique in that it will guide you through all of the important aspects of your online lead development ecosystem and leave you with actionable takeaways and benchmarks for success, based on our years of experience putting these integrated programs in place for our clients.

I will be giving three presentations during the two-day event, one on each of the three core pieces of the lead development ecosystem: content strategy, CRM, and marketing automation. I’ll be discussing why these tools are important and why each one is a necessary piece of the ecosystem. I’ll also be doing some comparisons of various vendors, and we’ll have breakout sessions that will have time for Q&As about these topics.

Additionally, Mark O’Brien, Chris Butler and Lauren McGaha will also be sharing their expertise and viewpoints on the high-performing agency website, current and future web design practices, and best practices for implementing and using content strategy and marketing automation. Check out the agenda for the full list of presentations.

An event like this is something that we are now uniquely positioned to do. The pieces are in place, the results are in, and we’re looking forward to sharing this insight with you in just a couple months. If you’re interested in the Newfangled Seminar, head over to the seminar page to learn more and sign up.

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