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The Newfangled Difference

At my past job, I was in charge of researching and evaluating marketing automation software and vendors. I looked into all the big players — you surely know their names — heard all the sales pitches, watched the demos and attended an entire event for one vendor. Going through this process gave me a unique perspective. After just a short time at Newfangled, I already see three key differences between other vendors and what Newfangled provides clients using ActOn.

1. Size

Newfangled is not a huge company, and we embrace our boutique size. The Newfangled Seminar a few weeks ago was quite different from the marketing automation vendor event I had previously attended. The most immediate and noticeable difference was the size. The other event I had more than 10,000 people, with numerous keynote speakers and a live concert. I remember leaving the bigger event feeling very inspired, certain that every company needed a marketing automation tool, but ultimately I had no idea how to use the software. I actually left thinking it was some sort of magic.

The Newfangled Seminar was intimate, with about 30 participants and a very different approach. The sessions were more about demystifying the whole marketing automation process. It was clear there was work ahead for everyone, but we were given direction and clear steps to reach our end goals.

2. Niche

I recently went through the training process for a competing marketing automation vendor. I was sent to a site to watch a few videos and sign up for a training slot. In the sessions, there were a dozen other companies listening to the same general training. It was a nice overview, but I had no idea how I could best use these features to get more leads or determine which leads were qualified. With multiple companies on the call, all with different lines of business, the training was very generic.

At Newfangled, we mainly work with agencies, and it is our experience as an agency and with agencies that helps us best advise our clients in one-on-one training sessions. Although the concept of marketing automation seems simple, understanding the ways in which it can be used can be complex and take time, so our strategists work with clients to answer specific questions. Understanding our clients’ businesses, opportunities and challenges lets us give concrete examples of what has worked for us and our highly successful clients.

3. Honesty  

Most marketing automation vendors sell companies on the vision. People want to believe that once they purchase a marketing automation tool and import their contacts, their work is done. If you use marketing automation effectively, you know this is far from the truth. A few brief videos and training sessions are far from sufficient: With that level of training most companies end up using a marketing automation software suite as an overpriced email tool or not using the tool at all.

Newfangled is willing to tell clients the truth, even if it is not what they want to hear. We are honest about the time setting up marketing automation system such as ActOn takes, and that’s why we include monthly consulting in our packages. Clients are working with project managers, developers and strategists who care about their success and are engaged in clients’ projects from start to finish, with honest conversations and suggestions.

Most marketing automation tools have the same features. Successful companies take the time to properly learn the system after making the initial investment and continue to learn and perfect their strategy. Newfangled ensures clients not only have the tools they need to succeed but the knowledge to use those tools effectively.

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