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Quick Content Idea: The No-Frills Video

The No-Frills Video

Not every blog post has to be written. Why not fire up your webcam and record a short video to share something quick with your readers?

Set up your laptop’s webcam and record a 5-10 minute casual video of you explaining an idea, something important about what you do, a demo, or even a review of a book you’ve read. If you are reviewing a book, focus on what makes the book unique and key points that would be relevant to your readers. Embed the video to your blog using YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler.

Webcam, decent setting (Be presentable. The video quality can be low, but you need to look as good as you would for a client meeting. Consider your setting, too, thinking about what’s behind you and the lighting.), 1 or more books.

5-10 minutes to record, 15-30 minutes to upload, embed and post. Total: 20-40 minutes.

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