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Interview: David Lemley, Lemley Design

David Lemley
Lemley Design

David describes himself as a Change Agent, Brand Catalyst + Hipster Dufus Wannabe on his LinkedIn profile, but he is known by his colleagues and clients for directing brand strategy and creative development programs with an unwavering passion for design. He has written numerous articles for industry publications including Design to Branding Magazine, Design and Display Ideas, and Package Design Magazine, and has spoken at many events including the 19th International Brand Design Conference.

CB: What fascinates you about the web?
DL: Pseudo-Instant gratification. Access to information and the sense of control it affords (looking up people on Facebook or Linked-In prior to a meeting, changing flight times from PDA, making dinner reservations from the taxi, not to mention its revolutionized holiday shopping).

CB: What would you change about it?
DL: I would add a food replicating device like on the original Star Trek. Then it truly would be instant gratification.

CB: Do you have a blog? If so, what makes your blog unique?

DL: Yes, but its still under wraps.

[Editors note: Update! The blog is now public. You can read it here.]

CB: What technology has had the greatest impact on how you do your job?

DL: Has to be the web. It has allowed us to serve a national client base form a tiny dock in Seattle without having to travel more than a couple times a month.

CB: Who has influenced or helped you the most in your career?

DL: God has blessed me with lots of opportunities, many of which I have blown. I have learned quite a bit by making mistakes. In my office we have a mantra taken from Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth… “Learn to Make Mistakes Quickly”.

CB: What makes you uniquely suited to your role at Lemley Design?
DL: Having my name on the door over the past two decades has transformed me from a design rock star wannabe into a reluctant leader in retail Brand strategy and design. Having helped several amazing leaders change the world, I see the patterns necessary to create real, actionable change that will be relevant to the customers’ lives.

CB: What makes your company a cut above its competitors?

DL: Our clients’ vision.

CB: If you had one sentence to pitch a potential client, what would it be?

DL: Read my manifesto and let me know if you want to change the world.

CB: I believe that everyone has a specific and unique talent that comes in handy at just the right time. It might be something most people know about you or something very few know. What is your super-power?

DL: Exhortation. The ability to help others put the right stuff in the right order to create a real solution to their problem.

CB: If the worlds technological and economic systems were to collapse and revert society to locally-focused, agrarian communities, what role would you assume?
DL: Reluctant shaman or beet farmer.

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