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I Love Typography

Before I arrived at Newfangled, I spent 10 years as a print designer. While I enjoy the instant gratification of WYSIWYG that the world of pixels affords me, I miss specifying and setting type. I was even fortunate enough to have hand-set metal type back in college before computers and desktop publishing took over.

Theres something inherently beautiful about letter forms and the texture they create on the printed page. I first realized this during my sophomore year at RISD while I was hand-drawing letter forms with pen and ink over and over until my typography instructor was satisfied I had mastered proper form and kerning techniques. Desktop publishing, while increasing typesetting production a hundred-fold, slipped a barrier between artist and art form.

So when I want to take a trip down memory lane, I pour myself a wine cooler, put on some Boston and head on over to I Love Typography. More than just a repository of articles and resources for all things typographic, its also a beautifully designed site.

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