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How to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged Without Creating New Content

Keeping up with marketing and business efforts is a constant challenge. Much like brushing your teeth helps prevent cavities, sending emails regularly prevents your firm from falling into the cavity of irrelevance in your prospect’s mind. 

However, keeping up with regular emailing can be a challenge. It’s especially challenging when your business is going well, and you’re focusing your attention on billable work.

While not a long term fix, repurposing emails you’ve sent in the past can help you keep up with marketing efforts during busy times.

Here are four, simple ways you can repurpose emails to keep your prospects engaged.

Re-Promote Your Successful Emails

Audit your past year’s worth of emails and identify an email promoting an evergreen piece of content that resonated with your audience. These emails should be value-driven content promotions. In other words, don’t look for one-off promotional emails that are all about you and your organization. Those should be saved for warming right-fit leads. Look for the ones that were the most engaging and useful to your audience.

Once identified, resend this email to anyone who’s been added to your list since this promotion, and anyone who hasn’t opened or engaged with this content yet.

Easy, right?

Resend Emails to Unengaged Recipients

Email engagement is often dependent on whether your recipient is in a space to receive and engage with it. If recipients are too busy, have gatekeepers, or are inundated with emails in their inbox, your email may not be in a great position to get the attention it deserves. 

That’s why for any email you send, you can squeeze additional exposure from it by resending to anyone that didn’t engage the first time around. 

Within a week of your first email promotion, resend it to anyone who hasn’t opened the email or visited the content you’ve promoted. Most marketing automation platforms allow you to create behavior segments to identify any visitors or engaged email recipients. Use these behavior-based segments as suppression segments for those folks so you aren’t resending to someone who’s already clearly engaged with the email. 

Save this tactic for your most valuable and useful content promotions, e.g. events, white papers, ebooks, and other important pieces of information.

PRO TIP: When resending an email, you may be able to reach your audience, especially executive level contacts, during off-business hours (think weekends, early mornings, evenings). Sending during these times helps avoid three things you battle during regular business hours: gatekeepers, higher volumes of emails, and their bandwidth to check emails. 

Repurpose Single Topic Emails into Theme Emails

In a similar vein, if you have a specific message area of focus or topic that has performed well, consider grouping a few of these together and promoting them as a theme email.

Theme emails are multilink emails that group related content into one email. We’ve seen these types of emails perform particularly well from a click-through rate perspective because they can provide recipients multiple pieces of content to explore.

Revamp Older Emails

If you have any older content that can be updated, consider promoting this newly refreshed content again. This can be a lighter lift to maintain your email sending cadence and stay top of mind.

When resending an email that conveys an “UPDATED” or “The Latest” type messaging along with it helps you capitalize on the curiosity gap of clicking through to see what’s changed since you last wrote about this subject.  In your email copy, you can set the stage by explaining any macro or micro-level changes that may be related to some new insights on the updated content piece.

Staying current in your prospect’s mind requires an ongoing effort. You can maintain and expand your email list engagement during lulls in content production by leveraging these effective tactics (and you’ve already done most of the work!) 

Taken together, resending and repurposing past emails can help you stay connected and top of mind in your recipient’s inbox.

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