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Browser of the Future?

Aurora (Part 1) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Adaptive Path has designed a future browser concept named Aurora for Mozilla Labs Conceptual Browser Series. Four walk through videos featuring everyday scenarios show how Aurora would retrieve, display and contextually relate information.

While I like some of the elements presented in the concept such as natural interaction (a la iPhone) and contextual data relationships, I find the overall UI complex and non-intuitive. For example, the browsers data cloud spatial view is a mess; it reminds me of my cluttered dining room table (from which I can never find anything, even if Im staring right at it). Also, the over-reliance on icons without text identifiers will leave the user hunting and pecking for the correct action item.

What I found more far more intriguing (and executable) is the dummy NYT sports page used in the first video. It was designed by Andy Rutledge from Unit Interactive and contains some great UI concepts.

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