At some point today, take a few minutes to watch one of the short (3 min max) videos in this collection:

The Makers of Things

There are four to choose from — each really just briefly meditates on the beauty of craft and the patience it requires. These shorts reminded me of how critical a sense of craft is, even to us in the digital world. Craft remains relevant, even if what we make only exists on a screen. It’s in how we simplify our code, how we word an email, how we share a new idea with a client, or even in how we respond with care when things don’t go well.

It can be easy to personally detach from what we are making and fall into an assembly-line-like pattern — especially because each site we build is shaped by so many different hands and minds. But each of us is capable of infusing what we do here with that careful, deliberate, thoughtful craft that these engineers have spent their lives honing. In fact, when I think of every one of my colleagues and the clients I know best, I can quickly come up with plenty of examples of how they wield craftsmanship, whether in their work or interests outside of work. That’s just one reason why I feel that there’s something special about what we do and how we do it.

I want us all to develop our craft, and find every opportunity we can to patiently and intentionally work those fine, particular, and personal details into what we make. I hope these inspire you to do that.

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