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The Content Suggestion Box

In addition to developing websites, Newfangled generates (and gives away) a lot of valuable content— things we know, lessons we’ve learned and trends we see coming down the road. Our first monthly newsletter was published in 2001, followed by our blog in 2007 and live webinars in 2009. To date, our site contains over 100 newsletters, nearly 500 blog posts and 20 archived webinars. This doesn’t include numerous articles written by staff members for outside publications, multiple speaking engagements and five books.

How Do We Keep Track of All This Stuff?

One of the things we do to make our site’s content easy to find is “tag” our newsletters and blog posts with category labels (as you can see in the chart below). Since each piece of content can be tagged with more than one category label there’s some overlap. For example, my post “Why You Should Optimize Your Site for Retina Displays” is listed in three categories: Design, Planning, and Web Development— while Tema’s post “Learning From Dinosaurs: Content Lessons from the World of Print” occupies only one category: Content Marketing.

We Want to Hear From You!

Over the past twelve years we’ve written on topics from SEO to content marketing to web planning and strategy. But maybe there’s something we’ve overlooked. Some subject you wish we’d write about. Some issue that you’d like us to address. Well, we’re all ears. Give us your suggestions by leaving a comment below!Newfangled Content Chart

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