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Write a Blog Mission Statement

In this months newsletter, I spent some time talking about how your positioning will impact both the purpose for your blog and what expectations you should have for it. (This point about positioning is really at the foundation of any strategic approach you take on the web and is something youre going to be hearing from us more and more, especially now that there is more pressure on financially validating your marketing decisions than probably ever before.)

So, if youve decided to add blogging to your content strategy, the first thing youll need to do is to write a mission statement. Assuming your positioning is clear, this shouldnt be tough. What is your area of expertise? How will your blog emphasize your expertise? As I wrote in the newsletter, the primary purpose of this mission statement is accountability, so you wont need to publish it anywhere unless you really feel compelled to. You may even decide to create a title and tagline for the blog that will serve as a more public way of articulating your blogs mission statement.

Now get out there and get to work!

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