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Newfangled + WordPress = A Win for Small Agencies

For almost twenty years, Newfangled has been partnering with independent agencies to help them build web marketing ecosystems for themselves and their clients.

Over that time, the landscape of web marketing has become much more complex, prominent, and impactful. As a result, our sites and systems have, too. This has kept our pricing on a consistently increasing trajectory.

Currently, the custom sites we build for agency clients are typically in the $50-100k range. While we don’t expect that to change anytime soon, we realize we’ve reached a price point that has surpassed what many small agencies can or should spend on their website, regardless of how central their site is to their marketing program.

Meanwhile, we have spent many years building NewfangledCMS to be the premier CMS for conversion-focused marketing sites. While NewfangledCMS continues to serve us and our clients exceptionally well, we understand that it can be more than many small agencies need for their sites. We’re also well aware of the growing and fully warranted popularity of WordPress.

Because we so thoroughly enjoy the many relationships we have with our small agency partners, we’ve decided to create an affordable WordPress-based offering specifically for small agencies.

We feel that the level of this offering will allow us to bring all of Newfangled’s reliability, sector expertise, and strategic insight to bear at cost and timing ranges that will be more reasonable to smaller agencies throughout North America.

In order to deliver this offering as effectively as possible, we have brought on a long-time partner and friend, Desmond Williams.

Desmond has worked for the past seven years as a critical part of the development, organizational, and marketing arm of both the Ignition Consulting Group and Thought Legion brands. He has worked directly with hundreds of agencies throughout North America and is a perfect fit at Newfangled both culturally and professionally.

We are only opening this offering up to a limited number of agencies — only twelve each year. If you’d like to speak with us about this offering, let’s have a call.

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