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Which social network presents the most real value to your company?

If you’ve got a moment to answer this poll, please click the poll image above and submit your opinion. I haven’t closed the poll yet, but as of the morning of 5/05/09, the results are shown in the animation below. Each slide is 7 seconds, the full animation will rotate forever. It looks like LinkedIn is the clear winner with 53% of respondents choosing it as the most valuable social network to their business. The other filters of the results also seem to be dominated by LinkedIn. The only area I was surprised by is shown in the 4th slide (“by Job Function:). Here, the Marketing category shows 50% having chosen Twitter, and the other 50% having chosen Facebook. In the Product category, 50% said they don’t use any social networks, while the other 50% chose Twitter as well. Only the Creative and Sales categories chose Twitter. This, in addition with the dominance of LinkedIn among respondents aged 55 or older, makes me wonder if LinkedIn has more people of that age in sales than the other job functions…

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