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What Are You Listening To?

I’ve been enjoying many posts lately that fit into the “recommended
reading” category- posts that list links to articles and/or books and
explanations of why they’re worth checking out (it’s a content strategy).

But I also listen to many audiocasts and would love to know what people in my network are listening to; I bet there’s some great stuff out
there that I don’t know about. To break the ice, I thought I’d try
putting out a list of audiocasts that I’ve been listening to lately and
what I like about them:

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg
is a weekly, one-hour audiocast produced by the BBC. Melvyn Bragg will
gather several academics to discuss various ideas that tend to cover
history, philosophy, religion, etc. Usually a very spirited
conversation with lots of great insights from Bragg and his guests.

OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook
is a daily audiocast produced by NPR and broadcast out of WBUR in
Boston. The program airs twice each morning, each a one-hour topic with
guests and discussion. The program covers lots of stuff from current
events to science, literature, philosophy, politics, etc. The host is a
fantastic moderator and brings in top-notch guests. One of Friday’s
broadcasts is always devoted to a review of the week in the news. A
great way to stay abreast of all things current.

To the Best of Our Knowledge
weekly PRI audiocast that describes itself as an “audio magazine of
ideas,” TBOOK puts out two one-hour programs a week covering all kinds
of topics but organized by a specific theme (recent ones have been
“There’s No Place Like Home,” “How We Remember,” and “Animal Minds”)
and comprised of interviews and audio documentary. Excellent production.

The Spark
weekly CBC Radio audiocast hosted by Nora Young that describes itself
as an “ongoing conversation about technology and culture.” That pretty
much says it, but they get props for always being on the cutting edge
of current tech trends- not in terms of products, though, but in terms
of cultural shifts. Pretty good stuff.

Radio Lab
one-hour audiocast is produced by WNYC radio, who release five new
episodes each season. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and NPR science
correspondent Rober Krulwich, RadioLab brings intricately produced
shows where “science meets culture and information sounds like music.”
This broadcast is truly unlike any other that I have heard and sets the
bar for radio production very high. It is truly a treat to experience!

Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett
weekly, one-hour audiocast from APM hosted by Krista Tippet that uses
interviews to discuss religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas in an
all-inclusive and sensitive way.

So that’s my current list. What’s yours? Reblog it and add your picks…

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