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Resource of the Month: Newfangled’s Website Profile

Normally, I look outside of Newfangled for RotM candidates, but this month I want to shine a light on one of our web development tools: the Website Profile. This brief questionnaire is given to the client early in the development process and is valuable to us in several ways:

1) It helps us collect information and materials regarding the client’s branding (logo files, style guides, imagery).

2) In conjunction with the prototype, the client’s responses on the form help us combine their site’s structure, content and design into a meaningful whole. The Profile also shows our clients we believe that design is not just window dressing for their site but an integral component.

3) It helps the client carefully consider their website in light of who they are and what they do (who is your audience? who is your competition? what is your organization’s personality?)

If you’re interested in how the Website Profile fits into the rest of our development process, check out our Project Anatomy.

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