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Hello and welcome to my new blog!

I am one of the newest members of the Newfangled team and Im pleased to be here.  I came to this company after working in interactive media for a daily North Carolina newspaper.  Basically, I was in charge of online content as the online editor (including audio, video, photos, forums, email blasts, user content, etc).  Now Ive made the jump to online structure.

My blog will highlight fun functions of the world wide web and hopefully any questions you may have about the Internet.  Feel free to leave comments and questions.

Id like to start out with passing along a site that has helped me tremendously in my first month here at Newfangled.  W3 School is a resource full of web-building tutorials to help you master basic HTML and XHTML, advanced XML, SQL, databases and other multimedia tricks.

Each lesson guides you through the process of writing the code on your own.  It starts out with tutorials allowing you to try coding along side provided examples.  Be sure to practice now because a quiz pops up at the end to test your new knowledge.  W3 also gives its students outside references that may help further expand coding skills.  If you want to get your web diploma, try taking the exam after successfully going through each lesson and quiz.  Good luck!

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