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Resource Roundup: Things Agencies Should Know About

Here we are again: another couple of weeks past, another batch of interesting stuff collected for your edification. I’ve got some futurism, anti-marketing, secret datacenters, Amazon’s very own Library of Babel, and much, much more…

Global consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has released a report documenting their findings from a survey of 9,000 executives and their approaches to cybersecurity. They concluded that executives may be too confident on cybersecurity.

frog Assistant VP of Strategy and Marketing Adam Richardson wrote an overview of The Four Technologies You Need to Be Working With for the Harvard Business Review. He covers microprocessors, sensors, wireless connectivity, and databases. Check it out.

On that note, remember that Your Next Home Will Be a Robot. Obviously.

Typically courting controversy, Julien Smith recently blogged “For the love of God, please stop marketing”. It’s very short, but a long comment string takes the bait.

James Bridle wrote a wonderful piece on cloud infrastructure called Secret Servers that begins as a fairly standard piece of tech reporting and evolves into an artful examination of the architecture of the network.

My pal Phil Johnson, who blogs from my homeland, posted this question: How far should Ad Agencies go fighting for clients?

WIRED’s resident bookfuturist Tim Carmody posted some thoughts on the future of Amazon. He thinks that Amazon’s Future is So Much Bigger than a Tablet. Reminds me of Borges’ The Library of Babel.

Oh, and the Boston Globe followed the New York Times into the world of payrolls. But dang, their new site is pretty and definitely respects reader attention. The Nieman Journalism Lab’s editor Joshua Benton posted Four observations (and lots of questions) on the Boston Globe’s lovely new paywalled site.

*LAST-MINUTE UPDATE!* Heather LeFevre just released her 2011 Planner Survey. You should get the PDF and read through it right now.

If you’re more into listening/watching stuff, here are a few audio/video links worth your time. There were some particularly good things over the past couple of weeks:

The Spark podcast is back! Last week’s episode covered the future of education, the myth of the digital native, and designing memorials for 9/11.

NPR’s OnPoint examined the future of the light bulb. Neat stuff.

I think you should hole up this weekend and watch James Burke’s 1985 series, The Day the Universe Changed. I did the hard work of collecting all the episodes on YouTube for you. You can thank me later 😉

Ok, so which is better: the Windows 95 Startup Sound for 10 Minutes or the Windows 95 Startup Sound Slowed Down 23 Times? There’s a clear winner here.

That’s all for this week!

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