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Resource Roundup: Things Agencies Should Know About

A seemingly random collection of digital nerdery including the best web storytelling I’ve ever seen, a personal plug, some good thinking on the psychology of selling and decision-making, and using data to figure out when to send marketing emails, among other things…

If you haven’t seen The Goggle’s tribute to Pine Point, a town that disappeared, check it out. This is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of how a website can be used to tell a story with an incredible use of images and sound.

The Print editors condensed my article in the June issue of Print Magazine into a shorter online version called 6 Tips to Simplify Your Website’s Design. You’ll have to pick up a hardcopy to read the original piece.

Hamid Ghanadan, our friend and founder of The Linus Group, wrote an insightful piece on Decision-Making and the Selling Process: A Psychographic Approach that is well worth your time.

When to send email blasts—particularly which day of the week and what time—is still somewhat of a mystery. But this post from on how to use Google Analytics to find the best time to send emails provides a great how-to guide to extracting the data you need from your Google Analytics account in order to see which days and times are the most conversion rich on your site.

Our next newsletter, which will be out on May 24, will be about the mobile web and how we believe that a strong, long-term strategy for content marketing should focus on device-agnostic content for the web. This SlideShare presentation on responsive design from LiveFront hits on some key points about working with a focus on responsive design.

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