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Resource Roundup for April 14, 2011

Here’s something new for a change: I’d like to try putting out a regular list of things you should read/watch/hear that relate to what we’re all doing these days on the web. To start, here are a few from the past couple of weeks:

Motion and the Clay of Interaction Design is an article from Johnny Holland Magazine on the relationship between motion and interaction design.

Optimizing a Screen for Mobile Use Jakob Nielsen’s case study of a mobile-optimized website, including best practices for simplifying functionality and focusing use on touch interaction.

A Web Designer’s Guide to Information Architecture Jeff Foster, co-founder of WebBizIdeas, gives an overview of information architecture with tips on organizing content, navigation structures, and labeling.

Study: Users judge your website for visual appeal within 50 milliseconds of opening it. A study prepared by the Human-Oriented Technology Lab at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

What Do Kids Say is the Biggest Obstacle to Technology at School? ReadWriteWeb reviews the findings of the Speak Up 2010 survey, which highlights how students, parents, teachers, librarians, and administrators from over 6500 private and public schools in the US feel about how interactive technology is being used to assist learning.

Paying for Privacy is an episode of OnPoint, an NPR radio program, that ran last week covering issues related to online privacy and the tools available today that enable web users to manage the availability of their data. Guests include Nick Bilton, NYTimes reporter and blogger, Esther Dyson, etc.

Memory, Mind and the Self is an episode of To the Best of Our Knowledge, a PRI/Wisconsin Public Radio program, that ran a couple of weeks ago. The episode interweaves various concepts related to how we think about thinking, but the most pertinent for readers of this blog is probably the last segment, which covered the concept of neuro-marketing.

Andrew Gregson on Online Dynamic Pricing is a radio interview between Gregson and CBC Radio’s Spark, covering how online retailers use cookies to vary pricing in increasingly sophisticated ways.

James Gleick and The Information is an interview with Gleick and Tom Ashbrook of NPR’s OnPoint, which covers Gleick’s recently published book, The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood.

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