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Quick Content Idea: The Interview

The Interview

People love to be asked questions. Couple that with the diversity you can bring to your blog by interviewing the thoughtful and smart people you know and you’ve got a great blog post in the making.

Get in touch with a coworker, client, or someone influential in your industry and ask them if they’d be willing to be interviewed for your blog. Even if you don’t have all your questions planned out yet, give them a sense for what kinds of topics you’ll want to discuss and work out the format—whether email, instant message, phone call, or video chat—in advance. If it’s your first time conducting an interview, I’d recommend emailing your questions and having your subject reply with answers. Other methods require more coordination and time that both you and your subject may not have. Once you have your answers, format the interview for your blog and post.

1 subject, 5-10 questions, email or some other communication method.

30 min – 1 hour to prep, 15-30 min for interview (if not email), 1-2 hours to edit, format and post. Total: 2-3.5 hours.

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