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Quick Content Idea: The Transcript

This month’s newsletter is all about content. Big surprise, right? We write and talk about content constantly. Of course, the most common objection I hear to our content advice is that people just don’t have the time to create the content, not to mention the time to learn how to do it right!

So this time, I wanted to make sure that readers would be able to get an overview of each of the major types of content as quickly as possible—no heavy reading, just the facts. And I want to run with that theme for the next few weeks with a series focusing on quick content ideas. Each post should take a moment or so to read, and each idea will take you less time to implement than you think. So here goes…

The Transcript

I bet you have really great conversations almost every day with coworkers and colleagues that are crammed full of insight and expertise. Why not turn them into blog posts and show the world your intelligence at work behind the scenes? Gather two or three smart people in a room and suggest a topic—something that you know your participants will have opinions about and which will benefit your readers to hear. Give yourselves 10-20 minutes to talk while recording your conversation. Then, transcribe the conversation and post it to your blog. Include pictures taken during your chat to make it more visually interesting.

2-3 people, a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, a tool to record with (your iPhone, iPod, or computer will do), and a digital camera.

5 minutes to prep, 10-20 minutes to talk, 1-2 hours to transcribe and post. Total: 2.5 hours

Core77 Wiretap: Portigal Consulting Talk About the Analog Human and the Digital Machine

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