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10 Years | 10 Things

Once a month at Newfangled, we have a Lunch & Learn session in which a member of the team shares a presentation (amidst pizza and soda) on a topic that interests them and relates to their role at the company. Last month, Chris Butler presented “The Web of Tomorrow” (sounds like a Disney attraction, doesn’t it?) and Katie did one in December about the basics of CRM.

“10 Years | 10 Things,” explains some of the things I’ve learned during my tenure at Newfangled.

  1. Technology changes fast.
  2. Design standards have improved.
  3. Web design is not print design.
  4. There’s definitely a learning curve.
  5. Content is King.
  6. Inspiration can come from anywhere.
  7. Sketches are a designer’s best friend.
  8. Mood Boards = Less Headaches
  9. Renovate and Recycle
  10. Clients

The presentation’s final form came about somewhat by accident. I had put together a slide show that included some animations but couldn’t figure out how make it successfully stream inside a GoToMeeting session (Newfangled has two offices, one in Rhode island and one in North Carolina). So many hours (and some new skills) later, I had produced a 16 minute video.

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