Taylor Garner

Content Marketing Writer

You have a voice that is distinctly yours, so let’s leverage it. You have a niche that is distinctly yours, so let’s leverage that, too. Words carry weight and there are no shortages in today’s digital marketing realm. You know that; it’s likely why you’re here. Together, we can make your words truly count and rack up some ‘W’s’ in your column while we’re at it.

As a Content Marketing Writer, my goal is to help you stand out, reach out, and go deeper with content that will genuinely connect, convince, and convert. I’ll tap into what makes you you, all while uncovering your most profound point of view on the subjects your prospects care about most. I love to make interviews feel more like a conversation than an interrogation, and I’ve facilitated enough to know the difference. 

I come to Newfangled with experience in writing and editorial for various industries including healthcare, music, and digital media over the course of ten years. With a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!) I’ve written on everything from banjos to bandages, Warped Tour to warming tables. My family once gifted me an “I’m silently correcting your grammar” mug for Christmas, so yes, I am that person.

Originally and proudly from Colorado, I now call North Carolina home with my husband and our infant son. I enjoy exploring new trails to hike and run, and becoming (very) familiar with local eateries and breweries. I’m always on the lookout for the best homemade apple fritter, and I’ve never met a David Attenborough nature documentary I didn’t like.