Stefan Malic

Web Developer

As a web developer, I’m responsible for transforming web designs into functioning websites, which subsequently serve as the driving force behind your marketing and sales efforts.

It’s my responsibility to take the designs expertly crafted by our design team and translate them into high-fidelity web pages. These pages need to be user-friendly for your audience while also being easily editable and maintainable for you.

I take immense pride in the work done at Newfangled, even though my role is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. The people I collaborate with make it seem effortless due to the impressive results they achieve, almost as if anyone could do it.

I might have been inclined to think so as well, had I not spent the better part of the last ten years working in various agencies, where I witnessed firsthand how challenging it can be to generate tangible results.But that’s the remarkable aspect of Newfangled: there’s no guesswork involved. Every step of the process has been rigorously tested and refined over the past 20+ years. Additionally, any minor or major shift in the digital marketing, design, and web development landscape prompts our company to undergo a thorough reinvention process. This ensures that we consistently meet the demands of the evolving world.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our three rescue dogs, as well as working towards building my dream home.