Nathan Zoob

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing is evolving, and strategists need their heads on a swivel to stay ahead of the changes. With developments like cookie-less tracking, AI search, and dynamic display, it’s become more important than ever to work with a partner that approaches paid media with creativity, curiosity and extensive experience.

I’ve spent the better part of a decade building that experience, and the rest of my life developing the creativity and curiosity to keep it current. Prior to my time as a Sr. DMS at Newfangled, I worked agency and freelance in the B2B space, surfacing and nurturing high-value leads for major companies across a variety of industries. That diverse background makes me uniquely qualified to find your niche audience, position your organization as a thought leader, and to take advantage of the interest that follows. 

Like many of the talented staff here at Newfangled, I bring an artist’s eye to my work. In addition to my marketing career, I’ve been a semi-professional guitarist, singer and songwriter for over 20-years. In 2021, I released my first solo album, California Burning, available on all major music platforms (always be self-promoting). In 2024, I earned a master’s degree in Studio Guitar Performance from USC. I live in LA, for some reason.