Lina Ristova

Email Specialist

As a member of Newfangled’s email team, I work with our strategists to make sure your emails are deployed on time to their intended audiences, and I also build automated programs to support your marketing efforts.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and IT technology, but I have experience with email marketing and know how to create compelling emails for my readers. I am the one who designs emails with visual features that draw readers in without detracting from the message’s substance. 

While math and physics piqued my interest from an early age, everything changed when I completely spontaneously got my first job as an email specialist. Digital marketing and its methods have captivated me since then. I enjoy challenges and deadlines. I’m a very organized and detail-oriented person. 

Working and being a Master’s student at the same time has taught me to effectively manage my time, appreciate the little things, and live each day to its fullest.

I enjoy spending quality time with loved ones and traveling the world. I’m a hedonist who enjoys trying new foods and cooking. The fact that I recently relocated to Germany and started learning about their culture and everything that comes with it was a significant deal for me. It has changed my perspective and made me more interested in different cultures and languages. I feel in love with the multiculturalism and freedom everyone has here. Therefore, I feel like that had a huge impact on my growth. Additionally, I like to read horror and psychological stories. And if you can’t find me online, then most certainly I am at the gym.