Jason Skog

Marketing Writer

As a marketing writer, former newspaper reporter, and author of 17 books for middle schoolers, I have built a career on becoming an expert at quickly becoming an expert.

When I was a journalist, I covered education, technology, city government, the legal system, and features. I have written books on subjects as varied as dolphins, the Chicago Blackhawks, a mining disaster, and teenagers’ lives in Spain, Finland, and the Philippines. I thrive on distilling complicated concepts into compelling narratives that engage and inspire readers.

My goal at Newfangled is to help you tell your best stories — stories that celebrate your client successes and showcase your expertise to the world. And I strive to do so with content that reflects your company’s voice, tone, and mission.

A Minnesota native (Skol Vikings!) based in New York City since 2005, I enjoy hiking in the Hudson River Valley, discovering interesting and delicious restaurants, and spending time at home listening to vintage vinyl. I also invented “Skogify,” the party game for listening to Spotify with friends where we always say: “There are no winners, but there can be losers.”